College Recruiting Events

Jumpstart Your Career

Develop expertise, work with diverse business groups, network with contacts from multiple industries, and advance professionally. Come chat with us at your campus or at various consortium recruiting events in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. 

Mentorship Programs and Internships

Are you a college student entering the workforce for the first time? At ATS, recent college graduates are assigned a mentor to help them learn the ropes and identify growth opportunities. Entrepreneurial-spirited students or graduates who have a passion to make a difference and an eagerness to learn will find the right start at ATS.

Want Insider’s Tips? Hear from Our Interns!

"My time at ATS was a fulfilling experience. I received a great deal of support and encouragement from every team member, and had the opportunity to learn and experiment with new web technologies."

- Summer Intern, Design & Development

"The program is an opportunity to get hands on knowledge and experience, allowing rotation through the 3 business units before choosing a specific career path. This truly is a unique opportunity that I believe is not so readily offered by the majority of other companies in this business. "

- Mentorship Program, All Operations Groups

"I have been able to apply and improve the skills I learned in school, simultaneously as I worked. The work environment at ATS is great; everyone is kind and professional, my coworkers have been very flexible and respectful of my class schedule."

- Permanent Part-time, Accounting

"I started as an intern with numerous opportunities to apply my marketing coursework to creating plans, monitoring online media, and conducting market research. After graduation, I began full-time and have continued helping ATS maintain and advance our brand image as a quality, client-oriented IT services firm."

- Transitioned to Full-time, Marketing & Sales