Bridge the Business-IT Gap

Technology is a critical element of every business’ success. However, it is a means to an end and not an end in itself. Business problems require business solutions, with technology playing a key role in improving performance and making you more successful.

Our philosophy is that IT can be transformed from being a cost-center to being an agent of growth. At ATS, we can help you:


Find the Right Technologies That Fit Your Business, Not the Other Way Around

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all in technology. Our recommendations are grounded in the realities of your unique challenges, needs, and budget. We will not force you to fit into a service bundle that fits our business model; rather align our recommendations and actions to your business needs. Learn how we can help you with managed IT services.

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Make IT Affordable and Manageable

A majority of the IT budget is often spent on just “keeping the light on.” This may mean that the strategic technology initiatives that can actually make a real impact towards business growth end up taking a back seat. Our consultants bring a good mix of business and technical skills to transform your IT. Along the way, we help you find savings and efficiencies that make IT spending more predictable and affordable. Learn more about the ATS® IT Maturity Model to help you begin the IT transformation.

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Make Intelligent Cloud Decisions

Who could have thought that the word “Cloud,” which only brought visions of fluffy white cotton balls in the sky just a few years ago, will mean something completely different today? Our goal is to help you: 1) Cut through the jargon and understand what the cloud really has to offer for your needs; 2) Make informed decisions on whether or not you should move to the cloud or what tasks, data, or application may be best suited for the cloud; 3) Take calculated steps supported by a comprehensive cloud strategy towards moving your business to the cloud; and 4) Secure, manage, and support your cloud environment with knowledgeable staff, policies, and processes in place. See how we can help you with cloud services.

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Give Your Online Presence A Facelift

Nonprofit organizations are focusing on increasing member or stakeholder engagement and retention. Businesses are looking for new ways to connect with their customers. No matter what your audience may look like - an engaging and strong online identity is critical in today’s world of #hashtags and likes. We help you “connect” with your audience by designing and building an intuitive and integrated digital real estate - websites, portals, microsites, social media sites, and e-stores. Learn more about our website services or view some of our case studies

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