Streamlining IT

Our goal is to save you the time and resources that are often spent on fighting everyday fires and shift the focus to more strategic IT issues like cloud, mobility, security, and maximizing overall IT performance and value.

As someone responsible for running the overall IT strategy and operations for your organization, you may often find yourself trying to find the perfect balance between your current IT infrastructure, process and resource challenges; and the growing demands of mobility, automation, and flexibility from your business users. This is where ATS comes in. We help you streamline your IT and maximize its performance and value. We help you find answers to questions like:


How Do I Manage IT in A Cloud-Enabled World?

With the seismic growth of cloud computing and an explosion in the use of cloud-based applications, the focus of IT is shifting from owning and maintain expensive, legacy on-premise servers to moving email, data, and collaboration to the cloud. This brings a new set of challenges with it - managing multiple SaaS-based applications, ensuring security of data and systems, as well as providing more flexibility to an increasingly mobile workforce. We have extensive knowledge and experience helping clients assess their cloud-readiness, develop and implement a cloud migration strategy, and select the best-of-breed cloud and virtualization solutions at affordable prices. Learn more about our cloud-based services.

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What Can I Outsource?

With limited in-house resources, you want to be able to focus less on fighting everyday fires and more on the strategic value of IT. You may be able to find efficiencies by outsourcing some of your everyday IT tasks to an experience managed services provider that has proven experience and success with organizations that are similar to yours. Tasks like vendor management, patching, mobile device management, application upgrades, and help desk can easily be taken off your plate so you can have time to focus on more pressing issues. Learn how ATS can help you be more productive through managed IT services.

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How Do I Maximize IT Performance and Value?

According to Gartner, eight of ten dollars enterprises spend on IT is "Dead Money." This is so because it if often the least productive of tasks that take up most of your resources - both time and money. Transformation of an IT department from being reactive to innovative and strategic isn’t something that can happen overnight, neither is it something that is easy to do. To maximize the performance and value of IT, your technology, people, and processes need to be in perfect harmony. This demands a clear vision, strategy, and a phased approach. ATS has developed the ATS® IT Maturity Model that lays out the steps, resources, and action plan needed to make IT more productive. We can conduct an IT health check to identify the gaps and recommend appropriate measures to improve IT performance. 

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Open-Source vs. Proprietary Content Management System?

Your marketing and communications team comes to you with this question to help them choose the right content management system (CMS) for your organization. But how do you answer it and is there really a right answer? Yes, but it depends on the goals outlined for your website and your organization’s core business objectives. Open-source CMS like WordPress and Drupal offer an obvious advantage of being low cost (no matter what anyone has told you, they are not free! There is always the cost for customization, design, and hosting). However, they cannot offer the level of sophistication, scalability, and security that proprietary CMS like Sitecore, Acquia, Kentico, and Ektron provide. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you select the right CMS for your needs and budget. Learn more about how we can help by clicking here.

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