Who Are Today's Technology Leaders?

Posted on 3/11/2016 by Kristine Barton | Comments (0)

Who Are Today's Technology Leaders? The days of autocratic rule by the technology team have been surpassed by a new generation of leaders who have a quite different approach to their role in the organization.  One that is more subservient, said in the most respectful manner, not only to the owner, directors, and managers, but also to the entire staff.  Instead of denying people the opportunity to bring ideas to the table, or shutting down attempts to explore new ways of doing things, they are encouraging thought innovators to explore new and different ways of doing things and make suggestion son how to improve.  Today’s technologists are not dictating what applications will get used and by who, they are listening to the needs of the organization so that technology can be used to actually do their job more efficiently. 

I once saw an IT Director publicly humiliate a fellow staff member for using a new up and coming form of instant messaging that was not sanctioned by him.  Not only did that dissuade the individual from trying out future ideas but it also sent a strong message to the rest of the staff that their ideas were not valued.  I’ve also been on the other side of a conversation with a Chief Operating Officer of a community outreach center as she described how hard it was for the staff to do their jobs, let alone doing so with hardware and applications that were antiquated.  She understood the challenges the staff were facing and clearly wanted to respond with solutions to improve the experience.

Now, instead of committing to legacy hardware, software, and applications, the IT strategists are talking to people within the organization to identify areas that need improvement.  They are also looking to other organizations for tried and true services that have improved the quality of the work experience.  They are reading about what is out there and discovering how leading-edge solutions can advance the mission and services of the organization.  Today’s technologists are reverting back to being problem solvers, does that description sound familiar?  I think that’s what got us all started in the IT industry, right?


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