How Much Does A Website Cost?

Topics: Compliance, Cybersecurity, Managed IT Services, Security

We get this question all of the time.Of course, the correct answer is “it depends.” That’s not the answer you or anyone really wants to hear though … it’s OK. We get it. Asking this question, however, is like asking “how much does a house cost?”How would you answer this question?

A better way to ask “how much does a website cost?” is “how much does a website that includes X cost?”Now we’re talking.Some “X” possibilities:

    1. Information Architecture (Content Inventory,Site Map,Wireframes),Requirements Analysis,Visual Design,Content Management System (CMS) Setup and Configuration, Quality Assurance/Testing, Training
    1. CRM/AMS/Other Member Datasource – Look, Feel andIntegration – Single Sign On (SSO),Audience Segmentation,Creative Brief,Documentation/User Manual,Information Architecture (Taxonomy),Mobile Site – CSS,Stakeholder Interviews,Stakeholder Survey
    1. Editorial Calendar,Information Architecture (Usability Testing),Mobile Site – Dedicated or Responsive,Shopping Cart/Realtime Credit Card Processing,Custom Development, Single Sign On with 3rd Party Vendors

Generally speaking, items in Group 1 are included in all projects with Group 2 and/or Group 3 available as options. Don’t forget to sprinkle a little bit of project management and meeting time on top of each group as well! Each group can range from roughly $20-50K.

Yes, it may be easier to buy that house, but building a website that reflects your organization’s uniqueness is much more fun!