Add a deep end to your talent pool.

Enable your technology teams to tackle complex projects. We set companies up for success by providing expert, specialized developers to virtually augment your technical in-house staff.

What is Teams as a Service?

Build your dedicated development team utilizing our resources.
We remove the friction points associated with custom software and IT development. And we support your need to supplement your core team with in-demand technical skills while maintaining team cohesion and workflows.

Custom software that solves real problems

Rapidly scale your development team

Eliminate technical gaps

Retain complete control over the development process

Reduce HR and recruitment overhead

Meet intense short-term deadlines

Prevent core team burnout

G&A expenses by shifting to virtual offices and remote teams

Custom software that solves real problems.


Accountability & Reporting

Resource Management Flexibility

Tight Knit & Invested Team

Responsibility Distribution

Transparent & Efficient Payment Model

Engagement Models

Extend your team
Bolster your development capabilities. Enhance or fill in the gaps in your product engineering team abilities with dedicated engineers, testers, data scientists, and emerging technology experts. Scale quickly or switch gears using technologists that can help you hit your targets.
Our dedicated development engineers integrate into your in-house team as if they were on-site, full-time employees at a fraction of the cost without the hassle of recruitment or HR. Our highly competitive rates give you direct access to top-notch technology specialists and engineers.
In-source/Out-source, IT Staff Augmentation, Extended Teams, Dev-On-Demand

Build your idea from scratch
In this era of digital transformation, smart companies are focusing on what they do best while partnering with trusted pros to build their digital products.
We apply design-thinking and agile methodology to architect solutions that breathe life into your concepts or solve problems for your business.
Managed Services, Digital Product Development, IT Consulting, End-to-End Services

Managed Services
Approach IT support proactively and harvest the benefits for the long haul. Managed IT services reduce expensive delays and overhead while providing your business with the IT support it deserves.
Outsourced IT, Consulting, End-to-End Services

American Technology Services will appoint a dedicated project manager who will act as a business partner between your company and ATS, holding the resources accountable in all aspects of the project. We allow your company to manage resources as though they are your own resources without incurring the additional costs associated with in-house employees. We utilize industry-leading Business Intelligence (BI) software to provide our clients with customized reporting on the resources they are using.

Within an evolving global market, trends are driving the diversification of skills demanding flexibility in resource management. American Technology Services combs through its extensive resource pool to find the perfect fit based on the requirements your company needs to thrive.

Key stakeholders need to delegate responsibility collaboratively, minimizing the need for employees to take on cross-functional roles.

Transparent and efficient payment systems remove manual data entry and automate secure payment gateways. We provide upfront proposals and detailed Statements of Work (SoWs), which break down all the costs upfront, so there are no surprises when invoicing. We have multiple billing entities across the world, mitigating cross-currency exchange challenges and offer various billing options.

One of the biggest struggles associated with extended teams and staff augmentation is there tends to be a clear-cut distinction between your in-house employees and the extended team. Once onboarded, ATS’ resources are a part of your team. They will collaborate seamlessly, bridging the gap between your in-house and outsourced resources.