Keeping Your Website Up Under A DDoS Attack

Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS), have become increasingly common. By orchestrating networks of compromised computers or leveraging poorly configured services, attackers are able to mount sustained attacks against public targets and make resources, including critical websites, unavailable. An attacker may use DDoS as a diversion while committing other attacks against an organization. ATS fully understands the importance of protecting your website against DDoS attacks and offers an effective solutions.

Certified, Experienced Team with Extensive DDoS Knowledge

Our expert hosting team continuously stays on top of emerging DDoS techniques, best-in-class DDoS solutions, and guidance from multiple regulatory agencies to safeguard our clients’ systems, providing them peace of mind amidst multiple threats.

Proven Method to Detect and Mitigate DDoS

Through studying various DDoS solutions, ATS has developed an automated, cost-effective, inconspicuous solution that is ideal for our clients’ requirements and their respective industry expectations. We have prepared a protected network with perimeter DDoS detection where DDoS traffic can be detected and scrubbed from inbound traffic, allowing only legitimate HTTP requests to pass through the protected network.