Protect What Matters Most

Cyber-attacks are on the rise, and without a solid SIEM solution, you can’t keep up.  An automated security solution is really the only way to protect your organization’s data and information by watching the events and applying smart filters to help you see what matters.  Detecting threats and attacks before they happen is the best way to keep your organization and your data from ending up in the wrong hands. We offer managed security services that includes installation and configuration and offers:

  • Unified Security Management (USM)
  • Security Event Management and Reporting
  • Continuous Threat Intelligence
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fast Deployment

Detect Threats Before They Happen

With advanced monitoring, and customization, we can help your organization detect threats before they happen. Our managed SIEM services include system connectivity monitoring, alert monitoring and incident response, with:

  • Installation, Discovery and Configuration
  • Recomendations for Changes to Existing Controls
  • Customized Monitoring, Logging and Reporting
  • Monthly Vulnerability Assessments
  • Advising and Incident Response
  • Customer Access to Local USM Portal

Threat Intelligence: Cyber Security for the Modern Age

In today’s environment managing security threats independently can be costly, time-consuming and inefficient; which is why our services also include Threat Intelligence – this includes:

  • Network IDS Signatures – Detect the latest malicious traffic on your network.
  • Host-based IDS Signatures – Identify the latest threats targeting your critical systems.
  • Asset Discovery Signatures – Ability to detect the latest operating systems, applications and device information.
  • Vulnerability Assessment Signatures – Identify the latest vulnerabilities within your systems to help thwart threats and attacks before they happen.
  • Advanced Correlation Data – Translate events into actionable threat information.
  • Compliance Reporting – Receive new updates regarding critical data to comply with auditor requests.