Achieve More in the Cloud

Solve your business problems with proven combinations of Azure services. Whether you’re just beginning in the cloud, or have years of experience with applications, we’ll help you get started. Move to Azure and reap the rewards of cloud technology, including the ability to scale up or down quickly, pay only for what you use, and save on computing power. Whether you’re deploying new virtual machines, moving a few workloads, or migrating your datacenters as part of your hybrid cloud strategy, the Azure Hybrid Benefit provides big savings as you move to the cloud.


Azure Cloud Enables Digital Transformation

There are many advantages to adopting the cloud. Businesses moving to the cloud do so for a range of motivations, seeking a variety of benefits. These benefits fall into four categories: cost, agility, service quality, and new scenarios. Click on each below to learn more about these benefits:

Cloud computing offers significant potential cost-savings over on-premises infrastructure, especially considering the full cost of the latter. In addition, cloud computing enables organizations to move IT spending from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operational expenditure (OpEx). Since the fixed costs associated with shared infrastructure are avoided, the cloud also provides much greater visibility into the true cost of individual applications.

Where traditional on-premises infrastructure can take weeks or even months to deploy, Azure offers near-instant provisioning of resources. This enables Azure projects to move much more quickly, without the need to over-provision resources in advance, or spend considerable time on infrastructure planning. To take full advantage of this new flexibility, organizations are accelerating the adoption of new ways of working, such as by using agile software development methodologies, continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), and modern PaaS-based application architectures.

Azure’s infrastructure has been designed to support some of the world’s most demanding workloads. These workloads continuously raise the bar on the quality of service Azure must provide. As a result, migration to Azure often offers significant improvements in performance, reliability, and security over on-premises infrastructure.

Azure enables new application scenarios which are simply not possible, or would be prohibitively expensive to deliver, using on-premises infrastructure, such as big data storage and analytics, machine learning, and compliance with industry certifications such as ISO, PCI, HIPA and GDPR, where customers can leverage the certifications offered by cloud providers. These technologies are enabling new application scenarios, driving innovation and competitive advantages only available in the cloud.

Managed Cloud Services and Support

At ATS, we host our clients under a centralized management portal, where we can effectively manage the Azure-hosted servers and services and generate usage reports across all our hosted clients. You don’t just have the Azure platform; you also have ATS’ managed, dedicated support and services by your side

Guaranteed uptime to minimize business disruptions and costly downtime

Robust security for your critical applications and website

Controlled, predictable cost structures for your budget planning