A Network Monitoring & Management Approach to Combat A Slow Network

Unresponsive clicks, unreasonably long waits for programs to load, unexpected loss of access to cloud applications – if you and your network users have encountered these issues frequently, you’re not alone. It’s frustrating, it reduces productivity, and it may cost your business money if employees have problems accessing business applications.

Many times, a single factor is the source of poor network performance, but that can make identification of the issue more challenging than it seems. Other times, the problem is much worse and it’s a combination of issues, further increasing the challenges to troubleshoot. Some common yet difficult-to-monitor bottlenecks that can slow down or disrupt your network include:

    • Employee recreational Internet traffic
    • Insufficient bandwidth
    • An improperly configured network
    • Poor cloud environment performance
    • Too many unused applications cluttering the network

The various activities in your network indicate a critical need for your administrator(s) to closely observe and centrally manage all of these elements.

Your network traffic should be monitored by a holistic, real-time approach in order to identify sources of network problems quickly so that your system administrator(s) can spend less time troubleshooting the problems.

This idea is conceptually similar to the idea of proactively monitoring your business systems – to be aware of problems before they bring your productivity to a stand-still and to be able to quickly remediate these problems. Similar to a corporate-scale remote monitoring and management (RRM) platform, a cloud-based network management solution, like PathView from AppNeta, can display real-time, individual user, server, as well as browser activities to help your staff identify the direct causes of bottlenecks, visually.

Once you’ve identified the issues, your options to improve your network will become clearer and easier. The main challenge is to be fully aware of what’s happening in your network. And remember, adding more bandwidth is not always the answer. Take a deeper dive into some of the available technology solutions as well as popular corporate policies for network management and optimization by reaching out to us today!

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