Incident Response

Secure your operations against cyber threats with immediate, expert Incident Response (IR) services.

Why Choose ATS Incident Response?

American Technology Services (ATS) stands at the forefront of Incident Response services, safeguarding organizations against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Our cybersecurity analysts and engineers leverage the latest technologies backed by years of frontline experience and in-depth threat intelligence operations. This combination ensures rapid detection, thorough analysis, and swift incident response, minimizing potential damage and downtime. 

With ATS, you gain:

  • Access to a team with a proven incident detection and remediation track record.
  • Peace of mind knowing a seasoned cybersecurity team is protecting your operations in Fairfax, VA, and Atlanta, GA, at ATS Security Operation Centers.

Our Approach

At American Technology Services (ATS), our approach to Incident Response is comprehensive, holistic, and tailored to each organization’s unique environment and needs. We employ a combination of host, network, and event-based analyses to ensure a thorough incident assessment. Our actions are meticulously designed to assist our clients in responding to and recovering from incidents while effectively managing regulatory requirements and mitigating reputational damage. Key elements of our approach include:

  • Identifying affected applications, networks, systems, and user accounts.
  •  Uncovering malicious software and exploited vulnerabilities.
  • Determining the extent of information accessed or stolen.

ATS IR Tools and Capabilities

ATS’ Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) is your first line of defense against cyber threats, offering 24/7 engagement and mitigation. Our team, operating from the ATS Security Operation Center in Atlanta, GA, utilizes advanced technologies and methodologies, including:

Advanced Digital Forensics to uncover the root causes of incidents.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to enable faster detection and response through comprehensive IT environment visibility.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for rapid threat identification and isolation.

Digital Forensic Imaging to preserve digital evidence, supporting incident analysis and recovery with a judiciously sound incident timeline.

Our capabilities extend beyond technical defenses, integrating crisis management and executive communication to mitigate reputational damage and legal liabilities. ATS’ Incident Response services are designed to provide comprehensive protection and rapid response, leveraging:

  •  Extensive experience across various industries.
  • A deep understanding of legal and regulatory requirements.
  • A detailed audit trail for forensically sound data collection.
  • Specialization in Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), with experts ready to engage 24/7.

Incident Analysis

The ATS Incident Analysis process is structured to provide fast, comprehensive responses and includes:

1. Investigation Initiation

We deploy the most appropriate technology for a swift and thorough response, investigating client-provided leads to build Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and sweep for malicious activity. 

2. Incident Scoping

Monitoring real-time and searching for forensic evidence of past attacker activity to determine the incident’s scope.

3. In-depth Analysis

Analyzing attacker actions to establish the initial attack vector, activity timeline, and the extent of compromise, including live response, forensic, network traffic, log, and malware analysis. 

4. Impact Assessment

Identifying impacted systems, facilities, applications, and information exposure. 

5. Remediation

Developing a custom containment and remediation strategy tailored to the business needs, eliminating attacker access, and enhancing security posture to prevent future attacks. 


Executive Summary

A high-level overview of the incident timing, investigative process, significant findings, and containment activities.

Investigative Finding

Detailed analysis of the attack timeline, affected entities (computers, locations, user accounts), and information compromised or at risk.


Remediation Actions

Comprehensive containment measures were taken, including strategic recommendations for enhancing the organization’s security posture.

Take the Next Step

Secure your digital environment with ATS. Our combination of advanced technologies, expert personnel, and proactive strategies ensures your organization’s resilience against cyber incidents. Contact ATS today to build a safer future together.

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