Revolutionize Real Estate Services with ATS Virtual Reality

American Technology Services (ATS) brings the future of real estate to your fingertips using cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

Experience precise, navigable, nearly photorealistic 3D models of your properties in true life scale before they’re even built. Bring your projects to life like never before.

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High-Fidelity 3D Property Modeling and Immersive Experience Creation

Our expert teams utilize the latest game engine technology and high-definition object capture to create stunning, nearly photorealistic 3D luxury and commercial properties models. Give builders, developers, and buyers the opportunity to explore “finished spaces” in immersive detail, streamlining the decision-making process and increasing customer satisfaction.

Collaborative, Spatial Experiences at Every Project Stage

ATS’ high-definition workflows seamlessly integrate virtual reality into every stage of your real estate project, from concept to completion. Transform blueprints, floorplans, and property renderings into interactive, true-scale experiences that enable better collaboration and planning throughout development.

Blueprint Virtual Reality Transformation Services

Bring your blueprints to life with our advanced virtual reality mapping tools. Experience true-scale floorplans, understand the impact of design changes before breaking ground, and confidently optimize your property’s layout.

Our Services Include

Our Virtual Reality Production Team

Led by former video game studio executive and deep tech consultant Cindy Mallory, our virtual reality production team prides themselves on delivering the highest quality immersive experiences with unmatched attention to detail.

From the initial consultation to the final product, ATS is committed to exceeding your expectations with awe-inspiring virtual reality walk-throughs.

Experience the Future of Real Estate Today

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