ATS is a recognized leader for IT services to nonprofits. Our work with nonprofits of all kinds gives us insight into the challenges of managing a nonprofit.

But nonprofits are quite diverse – NGOs, Foundations, and grass roots organizations are all different. Credit unions are nonprofits, but are certainly not like faith-based organizations. This diversity does help us see the broad perspective and the similarities, in their cultures and in how we approach our work with nonprofits. While the technologies each organization uses can vary, we see patterns and can apply our expertise because of our unique perspective.

Today’s nonprofits understand the significance of technology applications in advancing their missions. But with the influx of disruptive technologies, they often find themselves in uncharted waters.

Is an outdated legacy technology infrastructure holding you back from implementing more efficient solutions? Do you have limited time, budget, or staff for cloud adoption? What about IT governance and best practices? How do you develop an integrated online brand that spans your website, social media platforms, and mobile applications? If you’ve come across these questions, you’re not alone! We can help you understand the nuances of new technologies, overcome budgetary and resource challenges, and help you use IT more strategically. View our client case studies to learn how we help nonprofits maximize IT ROI.

From Strategy to Implementation, and Everything In Between

Whether you are a small nonprofit, an NGO, or a mid-sized foundation, we take care of all your IT management and operations needs, from IT strategy development, IT consulting, and managed services for nonprofits, to real hands-on expertise with cloud management. ATS manages geographically diverse networks supporting NGOs with multi-national presence, as well as single location small nonprofits on a tight budget. We provide complete IT management, and support IT operations and critical networks whether in-house or in the cloud. Our web design & development services support your online presence, and our web consulting services can help you stay compliant.


We believe in our clients’ missions to make this world a better place. We strive to become a long-term, reliable partner who takes care of not just the day-to-day IT needs but helps you develop the right technology strategy for the future. We listen to your needs, acquire an in-depth understanding of your resources and goals; then, leverage the right technologies to help you achieve them in a cost-effective manner. We are committed to our clients’ success and take great pride in our community efforts to support their missions.

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