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Managing hardware assets can be complex and costly in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. ATS Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) is here to transform how you manage technology, offering a comprehensive streamlined, and secure solution tailored to your unique needs. 

Why Choose ATS HaaS?

Seamless Lifecycle Management

From procurement to sustainable asset recovery, we’ve got you covered. Our AI-driven optimization ensures operations are efficient and tailored to your business. 

Global Reach, Local Touch

With our proprietary ITSM, manage orders, inventory, and assets globally while ensuring smooth operations, no matter where your business is located. 

Financial Flexibility

Say goodbye to hefty upfront costs. With ATS HaaS, enjoy predictable monthly payments, allowing your business to remain agile and within budget. 

Unparalleled Security

Safeguard your hardware throughout its lifecycle. Our comprehensive security solutions reduce breaches and ensure license compliance. 

Customized Hardware Solutions

Our OEM-agnostic approach means you get the right devices for your needs, from laptops to desktops and more. 

The ATS Advantage

Experience the best of both worlds with our US-based program management office, offering a single point of contact for all your HaaS needs. Plus, enjoy support for a wide array of devices and responsible recycling compliant with local regulations. 

Elevate your game with ATS Hardware As A Service

Elevate Your IT Game with ATS HaaS

Elevate Your IT Game with ATS HaaS

Transition from reactive hardware management to a proactive, future-ready approach. ATS HaaS simplifies and optimizes your IT infrastructure insuring your always ahead of the curve.
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No More One-Size-Fits-All

No More One-Size-Fits-All

Every business is unique, and so are its IT needs. As technologies evolve, you need a partner to help you navigate these changes seamlessly. ATS HaaS is that partner, ensuring your IT infrastructure always aligns.
Discover the ATS difference with our Hardware As A Service solution

Discover the ATS Difference

Discover the ATS Difference

Dive deeper into what makes ATS HaaS the preferred choice for businesses. From our commitment to excellence to our customer-centric approach, find out why we're the best as what we do.
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