Alternatives to an Eight Hour Chair Day

Do you spend most of your day sitting at a desk? Is this causing pain in your back? Recent studies have found that sitting in a chair all day is directly connected with heart disease, cancer, obesity and other serious diseases. If you have a desk job that requires you to sit 8 hours a day, what can you do?

Fortunately for us, there are several alternative options available. Sure, you’ve heard of the costly treadmill desk and impractical bike desk, but what better way to spruce up the office and improve our health than with the standing desk and stability ball?

Standing Desk

So what’s better than sitting? Standing of course! Standing burns more calories than sitting, keeps your heart rate up and keeps your blood flowing. The standing desk can also help with back pain, increase your focus and make you less fatigued. At first it may seem tiring, but once your body adjusts to standing, it’ll only get easier. It may be helpful to invest in a soft cushioning pad for you to stand on. Keep in mind that standing is by far better than sitting, but you’ll still want to move around; keeping your body in the same position for an extended period of time isn’t healthy.

Stability Ball

This option comes in all different sizes and colors; in fact the smaller sized ball may remind you of a bouncy ball from your childhood. This option is continuously using your core muscles to help you get great abs and makes it much easier to do stretches during the slower part of your day. This ball will also force proper spine alignment, thus decreasing back pain. Due to increased movement, you’ll burn more calories and increase blood circulation. It’ll give you more energy at a very low cost and still be lots of fun!

Standing Meetings

This is a healthy way to conduct a meeting. You can be sure it stays brief and to the point, employees will be more alert and they won’t be distracted with their laptops and cell phones. They’ll continue to burn more calories and keep their heart rate higher than if they were sitting. We look forward to putting our large balcony to use for this purpose.

We are excited to announce thatATS is now offering flexible seating options to the entire team. All employees have the option of selecting an ergonomic chair or a stability ball. Ultimately, the well-being, health, and happiness of our employeesare important to ATS.

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