ATS Acquires Cyber Defense International (CDI)

American Technology Services Acquires Cyber Defense International

In a noteworthy move to strengthen our cybersecurity network, American Technology Services (ATS) is proud to announce the strategic acquisition of Cyber Defense International (CDI), a renowned cybersecurity firm known for its innovative approaches to protecting businesses from digital threats. This acquisition represents a pivotal moment in our ongoing mission to deliver comprehensive, state-of-the-art IT services. 

Expertise and Innovation Join Forces 

Cyber Defense International (CDI) has distinguished itself in the realm of cybersecurity with its cutting-edge operations, cyber threat intelligence, and incident response capabilities. By merging CDI’s expertise with ATS’ established suite of managed IT services, we are best prepared to offer an unprecedented level of cybersecurity support and protection. The new alliance promises to enhance our incident response operations and strengthen our Security Operations Center (SOC) in Atlanta, Georgia, setting a new benchmark for cybersecurity excellence. 

A Commitment to Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Andy Wayne, President of ATS, emphasized the significance of the acquisition, saying, “ATS is committed to providing state-of-the-art cybersecurity services to our clients. The acquisition of CDI is a testament to our dedication to protecting businesses from evolving cyber threats. Leveraging CDI’s specialized knowledge and deep experience combating bad actors and data breaches, our Security Operations Center in Atlanta will be a stronghold against cyber incidents, ensuring unparalleled security for our clients.” 

CDI has been at the forefront of cyber defense, offering cutting-edge cybersecurity operations, cyber threat intelligence, incident response, and vulnerability management services.

“Joining ATS is a milestone in our journey. Our combined expertise will deliver enhanced cybersecurity measures, keeping our clients one step ahead of threats,” remarked DaMon Ross, Founder of CDI.

Continuing Excellence and Innovation

As ATS integrates CDI’s expertise with our broad spectrum of IT services, we’re not just expanding our capabilities—we’re setting new standards for cybersecurity excellence. This exciting development promises enhanced service offerings and a stronger security posture for our clients, backed by the combined knowledge and resources from both leading organizations. 

We’re committed to advancing our shared mission of safeguarding the digital landscape for businesses universally. With this partnership, ATS and CDI are proud to deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled protection in an ever-evolving online world. 

For a comprehensive overview of this strategic development and insights into our vision for the future, we invite you to read our official press release announcement featured in Business Insider. Visit American Technology Services Acquires Cyber Defense International to Strengthen Cybersecurity Capabilities for more information. 


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