ATS Celebrates at Pace University’s 2024 Esports Awards Night 

ATS Celebrates at Pace University's 2024 Esports Awards Night 

What an epic evening we had at The Pace University Esports Awards Ceremony! American Technology Services was thrilled to step into the world of collegiate esports and witness firsthand the energy, passion, and undeniable community spirit that the Pace gamers brought to the stage. 

A Shoutout to Pace for the Warm Welcome 

Big thanks to Pace University for inviting us to the ceremony. It was our pleasure to attend as both a proud sponsor and an enthusiastic supporter of the esports team. To see the waves of support each player received from their team was nothing short of inspiring. This wasn’t just an awards night; it was a celebration of the vibrant community that Pace has nurtured within its walls for gamers and technology enthusiasts alike. 

Cheers to the Champions and Rising Stars 

To all the winners and participants, you rocked the arena with your skills and team spirit! Whether you won the Outstanding League of Legends Team Leader Award or ranked matchless in Super Smash Bros, the camaraderie and enthusiasm excited all of us watching! 

A Proud Moment for ATS 

The ATS marketing team, including our Pace alumni, mingled, cheered, and shared the excitement! We are honored to play a part in supporting this dynamic arena where education meets esports. It’s clear that Pace is on to something special, fostering an environment where students can flourish both in their studies and their thriving esports community. 

The Future Is Bright, and It’s Game On! 

We left with a renewed sense of excitement about the future – a future where technology, gaming, and education expand us forward. To the entire Pace Esports family: we can’t wait to see what levels you’ll conquer next. Keep playing, keep winning, and keep building this incredible community. Game on! 

For a peek into the fun, check out the highlights on Pace University’s Esports Program Page. 

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