At American Technology Services (ATS), we understand that navigating differing IT solutions can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve dedicated our resources page to being a repository of information that can serve as a compass for understanding how technology can help your organization reach its goals. Our commitment goes beyond offering top-tier technology services and IT support; it’s about empowering you with the knowledge and insights to make informed decisions that drive your organization forward.


Our team writes every article, case study, eBook, and advisory to enhance your understanding of the latest IT advancements, cybersecurity threats, and strategic solutions. From the nuances of cloud computing to the intricacies of cybersecurity, our resources are designed to provide comprehensive insights.


Here, each piece of content is crafted to equip our readers with the knowledge they need to make smart choices about their technology stack, providers, and cybersecurity posture. The expertise that shapes our resources is rooted in a deep understanding of technology’s role in business and society.


We don’t just stop at providing information. ATS is committed to fostering a community where learning is a shared journey. Our resources are meticulously crafted by experts who not only understand the technical aspects of IT but also appreciate the impact of technology on businesses and society. Whether diving deep into the depths of data privacy, learning best practices regarding technology implementation, exploring the value of collaborating with cloud services or seeking guidance on IT strategy, our resources serve as your guide.

Data Breaches in Finance & Insurance

The financial sector holds the second highest cost of a data breach after healthcare according to the Ponemon Institute and Verizon Business’ 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, with a total of $5.72 million. Download Infographic

The Evolution of Esports

Over the last 70 years, eSports has establisheditself in many countries around the world. Fromthe development of the world’s first video game,we take a look at all the events that have leadeSports to become a billion-dollar market. Download Infographic Competitive Gaming is Shaping the Future of Technology The esports industry has seen exponential growth over

Cyberattacks and SMBs

Small and medium businesses, or SMBs, comprise a vast majority of all commercial enterprises but, until recently, were considered too small a target for criminal cyber activity. Download Infographic

Safeguards Rule

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently revised the Safeguards Rule deadline extension due to a lack of qualified workers who could implement new information security programs and due to the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Safeguards Rule requires financial institutions and non-financial institutions that handle financial consumer data to have measures in place

Network & Cyber Risk Assessment

Improve Your Security Posture through Implementing Visibility, Security, and Control with ATS’ Network and Cyber Risk Assessment. The ability to accurately map networks and collect detailed information on every asset, including those not physically connected to the network, is crucial for understanding where vulnerabilities present themselves in your organization’s IT infrastructure. Download Infosheet

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