Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Prevent Costly Data Breaches and Understand Your Security Posture

In the escalating landscape of cybersecurity threats, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) proves crucial in safeguarding trusted member and customer information. Just like hackers who amalgamate public data from a multitude of sources to orchestrate targeted attacks, VAPT employs a variety of methods, albeit from the vantage point of a diligent external attacker. Combined with a thorough evaluation of your internal IT infrastructure, it renders a comprehensive picture of your organization’s security stance. The holistic approach of VAPT not only uncovers weak points but also recommends robust defensive strategies to fortify the organization against any potential breaches. Thus, the usage of VAPT is essential in today’s digital realm, where the preservation of data integrity and customer trust is paramount.

We combine two methodologies to provide you with a detailed security assessment:

Black Box Testing


Our offensive team performs reconnaissance and information gathering, vulnerability detection, probing and exploitation techniques to simulate a real-world attack on your organization. This is known as a zero-knowledge test.

White Box Testing


If an attacker gains access to your network there should still be security controls in place to limit your exposure. We use both partial-knowledge and full-knowledge testing techniques to determine where your defenses are weakest.

Meeting Compliance Requirements Faster and More Effectively

Our security team performs regular security assessments to pinpoint and inspect for potential system exposure. This inspection reviews an organization’s IT system, vendor relationships, assets, and identifies potential vulnerabilities. Our risk assessment includes:

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