ATS Drives “Office of the Future” Change with Microsoft Azure

American Technology Services, Inc. (ATS) announced today that it will be focusing its efforts on moving small business IT operations into the cloud using Microsoft Azure.  This focus gives ATS clients a cost-effective and robust path to building an office of the future with today’s capabilities.

ATS is transforming the way small businesses deploy and operate their technology infrastructure.  The shift from on-premise servers to cloud-based all virtual infrastructures has been seen for some time, but small businesses were often at a disadvantage because of the complexity and uncertainty of such new technologies.  With ATS’ unique approach to fully managed infrastructure-as-a-service built on Microsoft Azure, even small businesses can now produce dramatic savings in costs, while delivering accessibility, security, and reliability.

Danesh Hussain, Director of Network Services at ATS, noted that “With Microsoft Azure and ATS’ approach to redundant design for server infrastructure, we can give the small business CEO peace of mind and give the CFO a dramatic savings over traditional infrastructure.”

Ranked by Gartner as an industry leader in delivering infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Microsoft Azure is leveraged by more than 57% of Fortune 500 companies today. With its ability to scale to business sizes and be customized for unique organizational needs, Azure is bringing businesses an innovative way to streamline operations and be more agile.

About American Technology Services, Inc. (ATS®)

American Technology Services, Inc. (ATS®) is a leading provider of comprehensive IT and web design and development services. Founded in 1994, the company has a strong track record of providing high-quality services to organizations of all sizes, from small and mid-sized associations and nonprofits, financial institutions, government contractors, and professional services firms to large corporations. ATS’ broad experience includes IT strategy & consultingmanaged IT services & network supportweb design & development, and managed hosting & cloud services. ATS is headquartered in Fairfax, VA with offices in Bethesda, MD, and Raleigh, NC. Learn more at

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