ROH Incorporated

Ongoing IT Infrastructure Support & Cloud Solution Implementation


ROH Incorporated is a technical services company providing a wide range of services in the areas of program/project management and information technology to the government, education, and business sectors.

Case Study

Solution Highlights:

  • Application Support & Migration
  • Cloud-Based Backup & Security Solutions
  • IT Strategy
  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Network Security
  • Server Virtualization
  • Wireless Network Implementation

Technologies Used:

  • Deltek
  • Microsoft Exchange


ROH Incorporated, like most companies, focuses on client needs. While delivering high-quality services to its clients, ROH was facing the following challenges internally:

  • Its technical expertise was tied up working on various client projects, allowing little resources for its own internal IT infrastructure and security.
  • ROH also had a mixed network environment (Novell and Exchange) and a decentralized network management structure that could benefit from consolidation and optimization.


ROH needed a technology partner that had thorough knowledge of its IT infrastructure in order to implement a network overhaul. The goal was to increase IT efficiencies, reduce technology-related costs, enhance security, and fully utilize the benefits of virtualization.


After assessing ROH’s IT infrastructure and the organization’s technology needs, ATS implemented a series of network optimization projects, including:

  • Novell migration – Migration of all the applications to Windows and consolidation of everything under a Windows domain
  • Exchange migration – Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003 infrastructure migration and an upgrade from Exchange 2003 to 2010
  • Network redesign – Creation of a site-to-site VPN and consolidation of all servers and workstations under a single centrally-managed domain
  • Server virtualization – Consolidation of approximately seventeen ROH servers into five
  • Deltek support – Accounting system management, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Office moves – Assisted with two office moves
  • Ongoing support – Provided senior level support for higher-level projects, such as virtualization, server migrations, upgrades, etc.
  • Cloud-based backups – Moved ROH’s onsite backup system to a scalable cloud-based solution
  • Security – Set up SPAM security solution and cloud-based endpoint protection
  • Wireless network implementation – Implemented a secure wireless network
  • Strategic IT guidance – Mapped out the IT direction for the company, aided in selection of key technologies, and assisted with budget planning


ROH’s network redesign and optimization:

  • Ensured that its IT infrastructure is running in the most effective and efficient manner;
  • Helped ROH save costs through the virtualization of hardware equipments; and
  • Freed ROH’s staff from dealing with internal IT issues, so that they can focus on service delivery to clients.
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