Growing Your Business Through Improved Website Design

This year, website design companies will incorporate the explosion in technologies to improve user engagement and increase conversion rates. By adopting innovative new features on your site, your company will have the capacity not just to reinvigorate its online presence to attract more visitors, but also to re-engage your existing consumer base. 


Forget “click here” prompts. Web development companies are embedding these tiny but powerful user engagers more than ever before. 

Linked textual or image content is highlighted for instant sharing, allowing users to communicate the thought or image throughout all of their other social media channels. Hover-overs offer particularly valuable insights without taking up page space. 

Lingering the mouse over the highlighted text opens a small screen filled with additional information or insights about the product or service, including quotes from happy customers and price-reducing coupons. 

The flexibility of the micro-interactive elements gives designers and proprietors unlimited options to magnify the value of the entire site.

Intelligent Analytics and Performance Improvements

Website use is measurable like any other corporate metric, and savvy companies will be measuring how well their site functions in relation to user actions. Businesses that track click-throughs, page views and time spent on which pages on the site gather the data they need to eliminate unproductive pages and enhance those that drive customers to convert.

Performance is also a critical element of a successful site and today’s technologies offer improvements over out-dated programming. 

Progressive web applications include all the speed and convenience of “plug-and-play” tools, as well as incorporate the mobility and channel selection elements needed to entice and engage virtually any potential customer. Just speeding up load times can improve customer engagement by as much as five percent.


Perhaps the “next big thing” in responsive web design, chatbots automate many website actions, reducing costs while significantly enhancing user enjoyment and convenience. Chatbots move users through an automated “conversation” process to identify the granular truth of the search before sending the visitor to the relevant human customer support staff. 

The “conversation” between the user and the software is structured like that between two people, so users are often unaware of the fact that they are doing business with a machine. 

Chatbots can coordinate all elements of the visitor’s website experience, including product searches, item selection, purchasing and delivery through a single portal with no need to click through to other pages to accomplish those steps.

It’s an exciting time for website evolution. Taking your site into the next wave of operability promises improved user experience for your customers and increased revenues for your business.
If you are interested in learning more about web design solutions that are right for your business, speak with a representative who can help you understand your situation and the options available to you today.
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