Microsoft Solutions for Nonprofits: Because Time is Money

Time–the one commodity we can never get back.

We’re all in the business of saving time–especially nonprofits. By freeing up time from irrelevant minutiae, we can turn our attention to what’s more important to us, whether that’s improving donor experience or furthering innovation and growth within the organization.

Office 365

Office 365 provides cloud applications like OneDrive, SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, and others to Microsoft customer, to help improve an organization’s productivity and collaboration capabilities.

The convenience of the OneDrive cloud means that edits made to, for example, Word Documents, are automatically updated and accessible from any device that the user logs into. Time isn’t wasted replacing information lost from a broken device or backing up information to multiple locations. Easily share document with other colleagues, as needed, while still maintaining the proper security on the shared files.

SharePoint, a cloud service where you can create sites for teams within your organization, allows employees to store and share files quickly and easily over their respective sites–no more back-and-forth emailed attachments or USB exchanges. Build your organization intranet using SharePoint.

Through Outlook, communications and organization are streamlined. Your email integrates seamlessly with your calendar, contacts, reminders, and OneDrive files. Outlook can be your one-stop shop for personal tasks and documents, as opposed to accessing three different services and trying to sync them up.Use the Outlook mobile app to get your emails and appointments on the go.

Lastly, Microsoft Teams gets your team on the same page and collaborating quickly with group chat, online meetings, calling, and web conferencing with colleagues across the country and the world. Plus, Teams allows you to share important document amongst a team and have information organized within a team’s channel. This cuts down on time spent finding important information, organizing face-to-face meetings, but ultimately it helps unite your organization into one global team.


Microsoft Azure encompasses over 100 different cloud computing services, covering every facet of data exploration and generation.

With Azure’s artificial intelligence and machine learning services, computers can take care of tedious work that would otherwise waste the time of a qualified employee. For example, Azure Search uses AI to automatically identify features of your files–whether text, image, or audio–and matches them across the database. Finding things becomes faster and more accurate.

Azure’s data analytics products can unlock the potential of your data. As organizations move online, more and more data become available to them. Azure can easily store this valuable information in the cloud and use it in conjunction with AI to optimize your customers’ experience and your organization performance. Massive data sets like these can take ages for employees to work through, but Azure technology streamlines analysis for real results.

However, you don’t have to sacrifice your organization’s safety for these benefits. Azure has several security services that can encrypt your passwords, provide multi-factor authentication, or check on firewalls, ensuring end-to-end security, administrative control, compliance, and proper protection of your data.

These selected services are only the tip of the iceberg of potential with Microsoft Office 365 or Azure. These Microsoft Cloud services are invaluable to today’s nonprofit organizations to improve their productivity, collaboration, security and operational redundancy. With Microsoft, the cloud is at your fingertips. Imagine what your organization will be able to achieve with the efficiencies gained and the time you’ll save with these services.

Interested in finding out more about Microsoft Solutions for Nonprofits? Reach out to us and we’ll help you find the best solutions for your organization and budget.

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