The Changing Face Of Searching Online

For many years, Google has dominated the entire search landscape. When users had a problem with how content appeared in search engine results, they complained to Google and Google made changes accordingly. But as time has gone by, Google’s hold on the world of search is loosening in favor of social media and other internal website searches and users looking for specific curated content.

Before social media and specialized internal website search functions, people would do general searches on Google to find what they wanted. But as social media has become an information outlet of its own and people are looking to get specific information from websites, Google is finding itself slipping as the search start of choice.

Internal Website Search Functions

Many websites have an internal search function, but most of those internal searches were inaccurate and ineffective. American Technology Services now provides ATMIS – an integrated managed search function, which integrates with your website, and connects end users to content they are searching for, even if that content lives beyond the walls of your website. The instances of users relying on internal search functions to get information from websites is increasing, and if you are not using an integrated managed search function, then you are potentially missing out on a lot of customers and potential revenue.

Social Media and Internal Search Functions

In 2015, Facebook announced that more people use its search function to find news than Google. The internal search functions used on social media websites are a good example of how integrated managed search functions can benefit your business. As more people use Facebook to find their news, Facebook and its media partners are generating more traffic. As this trend continues, Facebook’s internal search function is threatening to rival Google as the search option people prefer.

The Future of Social Search and Integrated Search

The future of searching online is context, integrated managed search functions are using proper context to help customers find accurate and specific content. Integrated managed search delivers the user exactly what they are looking for.
The internet is becoming too broad and vast, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for one search engine to cover all aspects accurately. Subsequently, we are now seeing a rise in both social search and integrated managed search software.
Managed searches for websites are the wave of the future, and that wave is happening right now.
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