How Much Does A Website Cost?

We get this question all of the time.Of course, the correct answer is “it depends.” That’s not the answer you or anyone really wants to hear though … it’s OK. We get it. Asking this question, however, is like asking “how much does a house cost?”How would you answer this question?

A better way to ask “how much does a website cost?” is “how much does a website that includes X cost?”Now we’re talking.Some “X” possibilities:

    1. Information Architecture (Content Inventory,Site Map,Wireframes),Requirements Analysis,Visual Design,Content Management System (CMS) Setup and Configuration, Quality Assurance/Testing, Training
    1. CRM/AMS/Other Member Datasource – Look, Feel andIntegration – Single Sign On (SSO),Audience Segmentation,Creative Brief,Documentation/User Manual,Information Architecture (Taxonomy),Mobile Site – CSS,Stakeholder Interviews,Stakeholder Survey
    1. Editorial Calendar,Information Architecture (Usability Testing),Mobile Site – Dedicated or Responsive,Shopping Cart/Realtime Credit Card Processing,Custom Development, Single Sign On with 3rd Party Vendors

Generally speaking, items in Group 1 are included in all projects with Group 2 and/or Group 3 available as options. Don’t forget to sprinkle a little bit of project management and meeting time on top of each group as well! Each group can range from roughly $20-50K.

Yes, it may be easier to buy that house, but building a website that reflects your organization’s uniqueness is much more fun!

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