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How A Management Consulting Firm Made Its Leap to the Cloud


The global management consulting firm provides strategy, analysis, and advisory services to clients in the private and public sectors. The company’s approach is forward-thinking, client-tailored, and mission-focused to ensure the long-term success of the client organizations it serves.


The firm is privately-owned and has ten employees across the U.S. and a small office in Washington, D.C. With limited physical space, the firm had decided to go server-less and embrace the cloud. It embarked on a virtualization project, starting with an Office 365 email migration. However, the project went unsuccessful due to:

  • The firm’s inexperienced IT vendor at the time did not fully understand its IT environment, resulting in an ineffective implementation; and
  • Challenges with preventing unauthorized data access on employees’ mobile devices.

Case Study

Solution Highlights:

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Strategy
  • Cloud Migration
  • Mobile Device Management

Technologies Used:

  • MaaS360
  • Microsoft Office 365


The firm was looking for a technology partner that had the right technical skills and flexibility to help bring the Office 365 migration back on track, implement an effective mobile device management strategy, and complete the virtualization process for the entire office operations.


Collaborating with the firm’s internal staff, the ATS team:

  • Assessed its technology infrastructure to complete the Office 365 email migration successfully;
  • Closed previous security gaps that could cause system vulnerabilities;
  • Took responsibility for full management and support of the Office 365 hosted environment, giving the firm’s staff more time to focus on running their business;
  • Moved data and files to the cloud using Microsoft OneDrive for centralized storage, management, and collaboration; and
  • Devised a Mobile Device Management (MDM)/Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy and implemented the MaaS360 application for flexibility and appropriate security levels for all employees’ devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android, and Blackberry.


By closely managing and supporting the firm’s virtualization initiative, ATS ensures that its vision is translated into reality – a seamless, secure, cost-effective, and responsive virtual environment that facilitates and enhances its business operations. Operating in a completely virtual environment allows the firm to:

  • Be more agile and flexible without concerns about hardware or physical space;
  • Have 24/7 access to the company’s files, data, and email anytime, anywhere, from any devices, all managed from a single console;
  • Have full control of how to handle the company’s critical data when a phone gets lost or an employee leaves; and
  • Boost productivity, schedule flexibility, and collaboration between remote employees across the country.
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