Microsoft’s Weather Forecast

What’s the weather forecast for the rest of 2011 and beyond? According to Microsoft it’s “cloudy”!

The2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) was earlier this month in Los Angeles. As you may know, WPC is the yearly event at which Microsoft lays out its new products and initiatives to its partners, who according to Microsoft, are responsible for 95% of their business. This is the seventh straight year that we have attended this important event.

As has been the theme for the last few years, only with increased importance to their business, market ready products and broader levels of commitment on the part of the partner community, “the cloud” is the centerpiece of both Microsoft’scurrent and long term plans.

Key products such as Office 365 and Azure will play a significant role in partner’s offerings related to network and development services.We continue to focus onMicrosoft’s plans and products and use that knowledge to help our clients figure out if, when, how, and how much to leverage the cloud.

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