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American Technology Services (ATS) offers an expansive portfolio of managed IT services. Our breadth of experience allows us to design IT service solutions to fit the unique needs of NYC businesses.

Our local expertise and a deep understanding of industry-specific requirements position us as a premier IT service provider for the Big Apple. The ATS Headquarters is in the Financial District, at 250 Broadway, New York, New York.

Managed IT Services in New York City

ATS NYC Managed IT Services

IT Strategy & Consulting for NYC Businesses

ATS provides customized IT consulting services that align with your organizational objectives through tactical planning and implementation. Our team understands the business landscape of New York City and crafts IT strategies that enhance efficiency, scalability, and innovation.


Cloud Services, Integration, and Management

Embrace the power of cloud computing with ATS. We provide cloud integration and management services, ensuring seamless migration, efficient operation, and optimal use of cloud resources. As a trusted top Microsoft partner, ATS cloud solutions help clients modernize their data infrastructure and work capabilities.

Comprehensive IT Support & Lifecycle Management

We offer end-to-end IT support and lifecycle management. From setup to maintenance and upgrades, our NYC team ensures your IT infrastructure is robust, up-to-date, and functioning optimally, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Compliance, Privacy, and Risk Management Solutions

Navigating compliance and privacy regulations in NYC can be challenging. ATS offers comprehensive solutions to manage compliance and privacy risks. We ensure your IT practices adhere to local and federal regulations, keeping your business secure and compliant.

Cutting-edge Cybersecurity and Data Protection

With the rapid maturation of sophisticated digital threats, cybersecurity is crucial for all organizations that call New York home. ATS offers advanced security solutions to protect your data and systems. We implement the latest security protocols, utilize the most advanced information security tools, and provide continuous monitoring to safeguard your business.

GCC and GCC High Compliance Solutions

ATS provides specialized services for organizations requiring Microsoft GCC (Government Community Cloud) and GCC High compliance. Understanding the distinctive needs of entities operating under government contracts in New York City, we offer tailored solutions for GCC and GCC High environments.

ATS GCC and GCC High services ensure that your IT infrastructure and data handling meet the stringent compliance standards required for working with the federal government, including enhanced cybersecurity measures and secure data management protocols. Our expertise in these areas ensures that your organization can confidently navigate the complexities of government compliance.

Leading Technology Providers in NYC

A Few of Our Partners & Affiliates

ATS builds strong strategic alliances with leading technology providers.

We maintain strict vendor-neutrality in our recommendations and focus on delivering

the best set of solutions and value to our clients.

Microsoft Partner - Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Productivity
AT&T Cybersecurity Partner
Cisco Premier Partner
VMware Partner Enterprise Solution Provider
IT Services in NYC

Local Community Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions


How does ATS support NYC business technology needs?

As a local technology services provider with a global reach, ATS offers customized IT solutions that align with the needs and goals of NYC businesses.

What cybersecurity measures are in place for NYC clients?

We implement robust cybersecurity protocols, including advanced threat protection and continuous monitoring. Our expert cybersecurity team is attuned to the digital threats that endanger NYC companies.

Can ATS help with compliance with New York’s regulations?

Yes, our expertise includes aligning your IT practices with NYC-specific regulations, ensuring compliance at both local and federal levels.

How does ATS facilitate cloud integration for NYC companies?

We offer strategic cloud migration and efficient management services. As a top Microsoft partner, we specialize in crafting custom-fit solutions.

What strategies does ATS employ to minimize IT downtime in NYC?

Our approach includes proactive maintenance, rapid response to issues, and robust backup solutions to ensure continuous operation. ATS manages the IT lifecycle, software patches and updates, cybersecurity, helpdesk, software development, and more to keep your organization optimized and operational.

Does ATS provide IT strategy and consulting specifically for NYC markets?

Yes, our IT consulting services are tailored to understand and address the unique challenges and opportunities in NYC and global markets.

How does ATS ensure data privacy for businesses in NYC?

We prioritize data privacy through compliance with regulations, implementing secure data handling practices and encryption technologies.

Are there specialized IT services for NYC’s financial and legal sectors?

ATS offers specialized IT solutions catered to the specific needs of financial and legal firms in NYC, focusing on security, compliance, and efficiency.

Can ATS support NYC businesses with Microsoft Cloud and related technologies?

Absolutely, we provide expert services in Microsoft Cloud technologies, ensuring seamless integration and optimal use of these platforms for NYC businesses.

Does ATS offer managed hosting services within NYC?

Yes, our managed hosting services provide reliable, secure, and scalable hosting solutions designed to meet the performance needs of NYC businesses.

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