Responsive Design

Topics: Design, Event, Strategy, Web Design, Web Design and Development

Microsoft predicts that mobile Internet browsing will take over desktop usage in 2014. But often poor navigation, design, and usability can significantly diminish visitors’ interests in your website (S. Chaudhury, Search Engine Journal).

Responsive design embraces the right combination of design techniques that bring your web users a totally enhanced browsing experience, no matter which device they use or how they hold it.

The webinar discusses various concepts that are the building blocks of responsive design that help add measurable value to your online presence and interaction with your website’s audiences:

  • Fixed to Flexible.  The transition from fixed everything to flexible everything.
  • Portrait or Landscape?  Yes, the same device can change resolutions on you.
  • Think Mobile First.  Build designs from mobile devices, up.
  • Show or hide?  Give your website a speed boost – especially on slow speed devices.
  • How does your site look on different devices?