Why You Should Focus on Improving your Managed IT Services

Why You Should Focus on Improving your Managed IT Services

As we get close to year end budget cycle, it is time to set goals. It’s helpful to assess and improve your managed IT services to ensure that your organization runs efficiently in next budget cycle 

Here are a few reasons why focusing on improving your managed IT services should be a top priority: 

Cost savings

Managed IT services can help reduce the overall cost of your IT operations. With a managed IT service provider handling your IT needs, you don’t have to worry about hiring and training in-house IT staff or paying for expensive equipment and software. Managed IT service providers can also help you optimize your IT infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud and reduce energy consumption, leading to further cost savings. 

Improved Security

Managed IT services can help improve the security of your organization’s IT systems and data. Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving. Managed IT services can help ensure that your systems and data are protected. Your systems and data providers can monitor your systems for potential vulnerabilities and implement measures to prevent attacks, such as installing security software such as SIEM and implementing robust password and security policies.  


Depending on your industry, you may be required to comply with various regulations and standards regarding your IT systems and data. Managed IT service providers can help ensure that your organization complies with these regulations and standards, helping you avoid costly fines and penalties. 

Assess your posture against current regulations for NIST 800-171, CMMC, data privacy controls, and GDPR. 

Increased productivity

When your IT systems run smoothly, your employees can work more effectively. This means they can complete tasks faster and with fewer disruptions, resulting in increased productivity. Managed IT services can help identify and resolve any issues causing slowdowns or downtimes. This allows employees to focus on their work without IT-related distractions or disruptions. 


As your business grows, your IT needs will also likely grow. Managed IT services can help ensure that your IT infrastructure can scale with your business, allowing you to easily add new users, devices, and applications as needed. This can help you avoid costly in-house IT upgrades or hastily done migrations down the line.  

Expertise and resources

Managed IT service providers have the expertise and resources to handle a wide range of IT tasks, from basic troubleshooting to tackling complex projects. By partnering with a managed IT service provider, you can access a team of IT professionals who can help you with anything from setting up a new network to implementing a new software system, such as Microsoft Office 365.  

In addition to expert knowledge, you get access to premium tools without the cost of ownership. This can help ensure that your IT needs are met quickly and effectively without investing in internal IT staff or training. 

Business continuity

Managed IT services can help ensure that your IT systems are always up and running, even in the event of a disaster. Managed IT service providers can implement backup and recovery systems to protect your data and systems. They can also help you develop a disaster recovery plan to ensure that you can quickly get your business up and running in the event of an unexpected disruption, such as a weather incident or a ransomware attack.  


There are many benefits to focusing on improving your managed IT services. From increased productivity and improved security to cost savings and business continuity, managed IT services can help your organization run more effectively. By partnering with a managed IT service provider, you can access the expertise and resources you need to keep your IT systems running smoothly and stay ahead of advancing cybersecurity threats.  

American Technology Services (ATS) is a capable Managed IT Services Provider for any organization looking to improve or maintain its IT infrastructure. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, ATS has a team of highly skilled and certified experts who can handle all types of IT issues and projects. 

ATS offers a range of services, including network management, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and IT consulting. In addition, ATS provides 24/7 support to ensure that any issues are promptly addressed and resolved. The team’s commitment to delivering top-notch service and their ability to customize solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients make ATS an excellent choice for any organization looking for a reliable Managed IT Services Provider. 

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