Video Conferencing

In a day of rising gas prices and demands on businesses to continue reducing costs to increase margins, it’s not surprising more of our clients are exploring video conferencing options. It’s a way to be a bigger part of the green culture and spend less time on the road or in the air, which means more productive (likely happier) employees. Yes, some meetings need to be done in person, but many can be done through high-quality HD video conferencing. It’s the quality that is the key, because it gives you a similar experience to being in person. We all know the importance of body language in communication, so the HD experience that LifeSize products are capable of make it a solid solution.

What’s even more exciting is that this solution is also available for mobile devices using a conference bridge service. Now you can use this solution using iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), Android devices, as well as other smartphones by downloading a client to your device. While I’m still a Blackberry user (gasp), I am slowly moving to Apple products or to the dark side as I refer to it. I was a “neigh sayer” for a long time on Apple products (don’t get me started), but I won’t deny my love for my iPod Touch. If they would make data plans available on the iPod Touch, I’d be convert for sure. For now, I’ll just settle for video conferencing capabilities (and Facetime, HBO Go, Angry Birds, Words with Friends, etc.) when I’m connected to WiFi.

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